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Pono Building Company

is the craft builder of distinctive Maui homes that reflect the physical character of the island environment they dwell within. Whether it's an oceanside cliff habitat, or an up country ranch, or a rain forest hideaway, PONO works creatively with the designer and owner to arrive at a breathtaking solution to each unique challenge. PONO Building Co. brings together the people with the skills, gauging the delicate timing, the budget, and expectations ... the end result is a home to be forever proud of, whether you're the designer, the builder, or you live there.

Pono Building Co.
4230 Lower Kula Rd
Kula, HI 96790-8119
(808) 870-7979
License CT-26587
General Contractor

"Todd was so easy for us to work with, and easily shifted his many hats – from design consultant, to builder, to marriage counselor."

Jeff and Sandy Ellison